Saturday, July 7, 2012

Neigh Happiness

I've found happiness again in the form of a 1000 lb, 4 legged animal that says "neigh".

Her name is Loucee. She's a registered Quarter Horse mare by a famous western pleasure stud. She's just swell. Minus the fact she pulled a shoe and hurt her hock in the trailer on the way up last weekend. Oh well. Horses will be horses.

It's been too darn hot to enjoy her or even be outside. Over 90 degrees, well into the 100s for a few days, for a solid week? No thank you! It's just tooooooooo nasty out. Until this evening. The temp dropped 20 degrees and I never thought that 80 would feel "cool". We have all the windows open, air units off, and are enjoying the sweet summer breeze.

THIS is what summer is all about! Bugs chirping at sunset, trees swaying, and feeling that glorious breeze on your face. If only it would rain....

We haven't had a decent rain in a week. After that 100 plus days, we really need it. My lawn is done for. The trees even look pathetic. But worst of all, the corn crop is withering away. I feel so bad for all the farmers. This was suppose to be a great year! Not one of such loss.

I feel a bit guilty for not visiting Loucee for the past two days, but I couldn't deal with the heat. She barely knows me, and is probably quite happy dealing with the heat on her own. Now that it's cooled down, I hope to get some riding time in.

Another thing being neglected due to heat is my garden. I've not weeded it in weeks! Watering is easy. I just turn on the hose and let the sprinkler due the job. Weeding.... not fun when the sweat is beading on your glasses! I've got enough Preen and Roundup down to keep the bad one's at bay. It's the weeds in the asparagus bed that are driving me crazy. Oh well! At least everything looks healthy and happy out there. My zucchini is flourishing at the moment. Everything else is catching up. Not bad for being planted at the end of May. I wanted to get everything in early May, but that didn't work out!

The garden will come into it's on all in good time. At least I hope it does. I really know very little. When something happens, I Google it. Found out that hot weather and lettuce don't mix. Found out what bolting is. Found out that you're not suppose to water at night. Found out that baking soda, soap, and water will destroy fungus. Found out that DE will kill bugs. Fun stuff I keep learning!

Also recently found out how sweet my husband was with his baby bird Rory. The little tyke was blown  out of the nest and somehow survived a very high fall. Ron fed him for a week and he was doing so great! Then one hot day we were gone for a few hours. Ron fed him and Rory just up and died. I think Ron overfed him and the little bird just didn't stop asking. It's easy to do, but then again, the little guy might of had internal injuries we didn't know about. Ron was so sad! I felt terrible. Poor guy.

The country is a cruel place and my city boy is figuring it out. I'm proud of him for trying so hard none the less.

It's also a beautiful place.

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