Sunday, November 6, 2011

Bad News Bears

The Chicago Bears generally suck IMHO. But I'm not talking about them.

Don't they say bad things come in three's?


-Furnace (as in really-expensive-potentially-spend-5k) problems

-Old house (as in the one we moved out of) problems

Unless, I'm counting wrong. Or the theory of three's doesn't apply. I hope the constant barrage of shit ends. Like, now.

On the flipside, my husband put up our temporary (but not), slightly redneck, dog fence. The Collie escaped again this morning, in 10 minutes flat. I can't take the stress of worrying about her. It's t-post and square wire. Nothing fancy, but it will work. Better then a dead dog on the side of the road.

My biggest, WORST fear.

We lost a dog before that way. A douche bag former boyfriend of my SIL's left our gate open at our old house one night. He really had no business going out that way. The gate was at an angle we couldn't see from a window or door. Well, not thinking, we let the dogs out in the morning. Sure enough, the gate was wide open. 20 minutes later on that 10 degree February morning, I went to let in the dogs. That's when I found the open gate. 2 hours of searching with the cops and animal control (which were awesome in that Ghetto town), one dog was hit and killed on a major south suburban road and the other scaled someone's 6 foot fence in terror. We assume she was traumatized after watching her best friend get killed. She wasn't the same after that. Either were we. From then on out, we padlocked that gate. NO ONE was aloud to use it as a door. Ever. I still miss our big, dumb mutt Dexter. He was so happy go lucky and a great protector. It wasn't even 2 years later we lost our Pitbull, his buddy Trixie, in a freak accident on our "engagement" trip.

Such a pretty girl. 

She hung herself off the telephone pole, in our backyard, chasing something. The only time she wore her collar was when we went out of town. Our poor dog sitter, she felt so terrible. There is no one to blame but me, for not buying the dogs quick release collars, for not checking the yard, for not dealing with the pests...

Poor puppies. I still feel like a failure. Animals mean everything to me, and they died careless deaths. Because of me. I should of checked the gate and I should of checked the yard for dangers. Never thought to look so high up though.

This is the only picture I have of Trixie and Dexter together. 

They were such good dogs. Thinking back to them is when I appreciate what wonderful puppies we have now. Both are rescues, like our late furchildren, and both couldn't make mommy happier! 

When I count my blessings on days like today, I count them above all else. 

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  1. oh my gosh! that's a sad story =/ thanks for sharing, though! xo