Saturday, October 29, 2011


Sing like T-Pain with this microphone.

Seriously!?? WTF? Do you really want your children singing like some ghetto rat, who has no values, no education, nothing but Auto-Tune and douche bag gansta friends?

No wonder kids today are so damn screwed up. Glamorizing the "thug"life has done nothing for this country, but add onto the ever growing heap of bullshit. I don't giving a flying fuck if it's their "lifestyle" or how they represent their culture. The culture of Africa has nothing to do with the whatever the hell they are rapping about. Black, white, purple, or brown, this is the US of A. Pull up your pants, sing like a human being, and give children a decent person to look up too, T-Pain.

Freakin loser. I can't believe I just saw that commercial.

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