Friday, October 28, 2011

Hello Friday!

Today was a great day. Number one, it's Friday. Number two, I found something fun to do with my time.

I'm going to start nannying a couple hours a day starting next Monday. It might be temporary, it might be long term. Depends on how well we do together and whether or not I get a full time job. The little girl is the prettiest little diva around and SMART. Sign language, reading, colors, and will start numbers soon. She's only one! Well, one and a couple months. I LOVE kids that like to do stuff. I'm absolutely not a newborn person. I prefer older kids. More fun! Although, I do think boys tend to be more playful than girls. Anyways, I'm excited!

Number three, my husband and I are heading out for a Halloween Party tonight. I love getting dressed up! Last year we went as Vincent Vega and Mia Wallace from Pulp Fiction. Everyone thought I really dyed my hair black and bobbed it. I had to pull off my wig at one point to convince people! It wasn't even a good wig. Must of been the alcohol and dim lights. I don't smoke by the way, it's just for theatrical purposes.

This year, I got a real wig. We drove up to a wig store in Markum a couple weeks ago. The owner's daughter gave me 40% off on a human hair wig, and honestly, it looks fabulous. If I can get my eyebrows to cooperate, I'll be set! FBI badge and all. Hint enough?


Is that better? 

Can't wait to get everything thrown together! Our favorite local band is playing tonight as well. They always show us a good time. 

We have another busy weekend ahead. Tomorrow is a friends wedding, our last of the year. Thank heavens. As much as I love weddings, we've been to far too many this year. This should be the fanciest one yet. The bride and her family have incredibly good taste. She was the makeup artist at my wedding and was phenomenal! Her bridal shower was just beautiful as well. As long as we don't party too hard, everything should be a go for Sunday. That is pumpkin carving day. It is an entire day ordeal at my folks. People get quite competitive. Prizes, food, pumpkin seeds. The whole she-bang. 

At some point on Sunday I need to render the fat I picked up from the organic butchers. I'll be venturing into soap making after that. Once of course, I settle on the oils and fats I'd like to start off with. I've been reading a ton about it after being inspired by a local blogger/farmer. 

I buy my organic pork, beef, and raw milk from her farm. I've also been buying her handmade soaps. She uses her very own organic pig fat and produces absolutely wonderful soaps. The lather is fantastic and so is the rinse. I'm very picky when it comes to soap. I also love how she isn't wasting the commonly looked over by-products of an animal. So few people realize what soap once was and what is SHOULD be. Instead, everyone thinks that chemically laden soaps, like Dove and Dial, are normal and ok. NO, they are NOT ok. I'd rather bathe my body with something natural, rather than harsh dyes, fake scents, and sodium lauryl sulfate. Our skin absorbs those chemicals. No thanks! I'll stick to what Mother Nature intended us to bathe with. 

The milk I've been buying from her is in a league of its own. Just like their website says, it tastes like melted ice cream. I see nothing wrong with drinking whole milk, unlike many of my friends. As long as it's in moderation, why not? The benefits outweigh the downsides. Drinking unprocessed milk is also incredibly good for you. Rather than ramble on about milk, I'll pass on this link. Please read it if you are interested! 

I'm quite the foodie. Very much into organic and clean eating. I'll admit I have my week moments. Particularly when it comes to Culver's Pumpkin Pie Cheesecake shake. It's heaven on a spoon. No one is perfect, but I try. My husband enjoys my adventurous cooking. He used to be such a stick in the mud when it came to trying something new. Now, that isn't the case. Unless peas are involved. He won't touch those. That's ok, I'll take all the peas I can get! 

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  1. wow. tHANKS FOR ALL THE NICE THINGS ABOUT OUR FARM AND MY SOAP. Whoops didn't mean to yell. I always forget to checks cap keys. Can't wait to hear how your soap making goes. !