Saturday, November 26, 2011


Sometimes I have a hard time writing down my feelings. Or typing down. Whatever.

I've been teetering on the depressed side of life these recent days. Mother Nature is not cooperating. I don't mind the cold, but I do mind the darn wind and rain. I'd rather it snow then be so muddy out. The wind we've had the past couple days has been intense. I walked the pups yesterday and my face is chapped. Ugh! My skin is already in breakout mode. Just want I need. Putting up my tree did perk up my mood. Then I remembered the lack of money to spend for Christmas. Oh well, my tree turned out good this year.

I've been trying to figure out what is up with my skin lately. I'm not sure if it's the new supplement I'm taking (MSM) or the cherry concentrate. The only reason I'm taking both is because of my bad hand. I literally could not open it or type because of the joint pain. The doctor said I would have arthritis in that hand for life, but holy guacamole. I picked up some of Michelle's Miracle cherry concentrate after reading it was an absolute hit in the arthritis world. Mix a tablespoon or two in with your water and after two weeks you should feel a difference. I will say my hips aren't bothering me nearly as much as they have been.

Last week was relatively boring. This week, crazy. It's to be expect with the holiday and all. My healthy sweet potatoes were a hit, as was my pumpkin pie. I even did mini pies this year. I, of course, ate myself into stretchy pants. Made sure to bring a pair! Thanksgiving at my folks is always followed by napping on the couches and later usually an intense round of Dominos. This year everyone sat around, talked, played with my Aunt's 16 week old Doberman puppy, and drank lots of Asti. No Dominos, we are saving it for Christmas. It was nice to see everyone and have a CALM and relaxing Thanksgiving with my mom's family. We will have both sides over for Christmas.

Then you have my husbands huge family. We really don't see eye to eye. His family holiday's are loud, awkward, and uncomfortable. He has 5 aunts, all who are very judgmental and stubborn as mules. Heaven forbid someone be different. Unfortunately, his mom absolutely killed the turkey this year and I couldn't stomach much else. They are more of a box and can family then true homemade meals like my own. It really isn't that difficult to prepare homemade meals. Ron made green bean casserole, with real green beans. It was great! I also made healthy sweet potatoes. We did this all the day before, so all we had to do was bake and serve. Easy peasy. A little planning never hurt anyone! My folks both work full time and still managed to pull off a great meal. His mom works part time. No excuses! I could have helped her if she asked.

Real food is how I was raised. Canned and box foods for holiday's is not and never will be right for me. Number one I hate prepackaged foods (except Macaroni, my crux), number two it's generally devoid of all nutrients, and number three it's lazy. Holiday's are special! Extra effort is required.

I just can't deal with his family holiday's. His father and stepmomster are the absolute worst hosts. It is extremely uncomfortable. Their house is filthy and their dogs are very aggressive. After the row I had to endure with his stepmomster during my wedding (she wanted to invite 20 family members we have never met, and not pay a dime), and the fact she never apologized, I will not be attending their Christmas Eve this year. My husband and I will drive separate cars. Christmas day we will also do the some. I'll spend most of the day with my family and we will see his in the evening. His mom's house isn't very big,  and they usually cram 30+ people in it. Too much chaos for me.

I'm out to enjoy the holiday's this year. My husband feels obligated to appease both his parents, but honestly, they divorced years ago, he's a grown ass man, and now married. They have no right to get pissed off at him for not spending the entire day with each parent. It's not possible.

I hate to sound like a bitchy snob, but I know that is exactly what I'm being. My family has adopted Ron as their own son and his family has yet to show me an ounce of respect. After about 6 month into the relationship I realized they were never going to truly be kind, I gave up trying. No one is blatantly rude to my face, it's more of what they say behind my back. It eventually gets to Ron, then to me.

I might as well be an alien to those people. I swear they would be much happier if Ron went ahead and married his psychopath, epileptic (crashed three cars, one into a house), Bible-humping ex. She siphoned money off him like a sponge and was terrible to him, but she was right up their alley.

I'll never understand his family. I was raised too differently. Ron is nothing like them, thank goodness.

Thanks for reading my all out, whiney bitch rant. Cookies for all.


  1. Before I got laid off, we were actually making plans to skip outta town. Christmas on a beach? Ok.