Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Spring Tease

It's supposed to be in the 50's this weekend. Last year at this time, it was green and gorgeous. Right now, it's brown and dead. Oh and MUDDY. So much mud. My dogs are covered. My house is covered. I am usually covered. I've had it up to my eye balls in mud. While I won't complain about the rain and snow we've gotten, I can complain about mud. I hate it so much I'm considered liming my back dog run. It stays pretty dry in the summer and relatively grass free. At least I think it does. Or my dogs are part sheep and get it. In reality, they trample it down pretty darn well.

Since it's going to be warm soon, something I am dying to do it mow. It will likely be a month before I can use the mower, but I'm already feeling the itch. I LOVE TO MOW. It's so therapeutic. On the days I mow, I don't feel the need to self medicate with wine or food (not to mention my meds). I could easily mow for 6 hours, be sunburnt, covered in grass, sneezing up a storm, and still want to mow more. Now I don't weed whip. Screw that. I ain't getting off my mower. If it's in the way, I'll likely mow it down. Well, except for giant branches. In the spring I'll pay some kids to come over and pick up sticks that have fallen down over the winter. I've got like half a tree out there right now I'll have to use the tractor to drag.

The flowers around here are incredible in the spring too. Also, my garden is pretty swell. I need these happy things in my life ASAP. Like, tomorrow if possible. Once the ground is soft enough to turn, I'll plant my onions and potatoes. We've had SUCH a cold spring so far that the ground is way too cold. I'm also planning on rearranging some things out there, so it really needs to be soft.

Maybe then I'll be able to pry myself out of the couch. It's sucked me into its maw. The house is a wreck. I have a million things I should do, but I don't do them. Also, I should go to the gym and attempt to lose this massive weight, but I don't. I'm much happier on the couch with my dogs. My horse  probably doesn't care to see me, so I'm not in a rush to see her. I don't do cold (also don't do 90s). I live in the WRONG part of the world for sure.

Oh well. The sun keeps peaking out. My seedlings are reaching for it. If I have leaves I probably would too.

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